Guide to the Breastfeeding Journey

From 1-3 days when baby learns to suck and swallow to 24 months when your baby may be weaned...

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Lactation consultants: Why should I consider meeting with one?

The early days and weeks with your baby will be spent establishing your nursing routine. Your body is “learning” about the level of milk production required for your baby, and your baby is learning how to latch on without causing pain.

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The ergonomics of breastfeeding

If you’re a first-time mother, you are most likely unaware of the workout certain parts of your body are about to experience with the everyday care of your baby.

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Why your boss wants you to breastfeed (aka the business case for breastfeeding)

The inspiration for starting this company came from reading the depressing news that 32% of new mothers stop breastfeeding less than 7 weeks after returning to work because the individual challenges mothers face with pumping is too great to overcome.

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