Hadley (& HadleyStilwell) in 2009...

And here we are now!

Hello Mamas (and their fans),

Welcome to the breastfeeding adventure! It is a journey with many twists and turns.

After starting this clothing line 8 years ago, I am reflecting upon my own twists and turns - as the mother of Hadley who is now 10 years old - and as the mother of HadleyStilwell. I didn’t know at the time that I’d be breastfeeding for 5 years, that Facebook and mobile apps would become the primary way to communicate with customers, and so many other things. And now, our breastfeeding bond has given way to bonding over the musical Hamilton 😊.

There is now more data than ever on the numerous ways breastfeeding gives babies a leg up on the rest of their lives – not just nutritionally and immune system-wise – but the emotional wellbeing that comes from skin-to-skin contact and looking into each other’s eyes. Here’s my conclusion at 10 years into this parent gig: On a holistic level, breastfeeding is about connection – connecting with your baby, connecting with yourself as a mother, connecting to others around you over breastfeeding, and frankly, connecting to what’s best for the planet. And now, a bit about the clothes.

After my own experience of pumping and nursing for over a year in numerous situations, it's easy to see why many mothers stop sooner rather than later. If I can minimize one of the challenges – lack of nursing/pumping-friendly clothes that fit in the workplace – and it helps mothers breastfeed that much longer, then I’ve accomplished my goal.

Another goal is to provide nursing and pumping advice that is difficult to find elsewhere, especially for working moms. To this end, check out the Milk Notes.

Back to the clothes. HadleyStilwell designs are meant to be clothes you want to wear - that just happen to accommodate nursing and pumping. I hope these pieces become long-term staples of your wardrobe, and play a supporting role to growing your own lifelong bonds. As always, I absolutely welcome your feedback on the designs or anything else.

With love and support,

Holli Harris

Founder/Owner/Mother to Hadley and HadleyStilwell