What if you don’t work in the same location every day, or don’t have access to a private space?

Consider pumping in your car if that’s an option. It’s not ideal, but sitting in the backseat with window shades and a jacket over your breasts provides enough privacy if necessary, especially in a parking garage. Add a dashboard visor and you have close to total privacy.

Are you by a department store? I have a friend who pumps in the ladies lounges, where there are comfortable arm chairs in a separate room from the stalls. Also, some pump bags can hang from a bathroom stall door, so you really can pump in a public bathroom with the battery pack. I’ve even stood at the counter by an outlet pumping as women enter and leave. You have to assume some of them are moms and sympathize. And most likely you got over baring your breasts to certain audiences a long time ago.

And finally, I have to mention the ultimate multi-tasking option of pumping while commuting. Assuming a car is a necessary ingredient, (vs public transportation!), I have heard multiple stories about ultra-efficient moms who pump while driving. As you can imagine, this requires wearing a hands-free corset pumping bra or using a hands-free pump system, as well as a steely nerve when it comes to truck drivers. Cell phone headset goes without saying, although probably simultaneous pumping and driving are more than enough to concentrate on without adding phone conversation (but I’m sure it happens).