That Put Together Feeling

I can't thank you enough for your clothing line!! I have been wearing the tops, both the older and newer versions, constantly. Your clothing makes me feel put together when I'm at home and helps me to discretely nurse.

I'm loving the jackets. The knit is so soft.

I was wanting to know how the sizing for your dresses are. Should I go by the older material sizing, a medium for me, or the newer fabric sizing, a small for me. I wanted to buy several dresses this week.

Jet Set Dress


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Fuchsia Sleeveless Crossover Top is a Go-To

... Love the shirt, BTW, I wear it all the time...

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Co-sleeping & being warm CAN co-exist!

I really really do use the top.  A lot.  An awful lot. I can't tell you how much of a difference it makes to my own sleep to remain warm when the little one wants her milk

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Bravo for the Signature Dress

Thank you for sending the package. It arrived on Christmas Eve like you promised. My daughter, had her first son in December. After two rough days I am happy to report that he is now nursing with no problems!

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