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You can eat delicious cookies and increase your milk supply at the same time.

Nursing lingerie, especially bras: Using intrinsic elements of style, design, fit and comfort, Bella Materna has revolutionized the nursing bra, proving that fashion and function can beautifully coexist. The nursing line is designed with discreet and easy access but are stylish, versatile and flattering during the pregnancy and post pregnancy phases.

Bella Materna products are made from high quality Oeko-Tex certified Toxin-Free fabrics, imported Italian Nylon/Lycra and French Lace. All items are manufactured within the United States and are always produced under safe healthy conditions.

Renee Beebe has been helping women breastfeed since 1991. She volunteered with La Leche League for six years, taught breastfeeding classes and worked as a postpartum doula before starting her own business in 1996. The Second 9 Months was born out of a desire to support women in becoming the moms they want to be and to help them overcome breastfeeding challenges.

Their Mission: To help moms beat the booby traps - the cultural & institutional barriers that prevent moms from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals. To inspire, prepare & empower moms. To give breastfeeding a makeover and give moms the solutions they need to make it work and feel fabulous!


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As breastfeeding moms search out resources and information, they will find these links helpful.  Let us know if you would like to suggest a link.

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