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Fleece Lounging & Co-Sleeping Top

My goal is to empower mothers through the HadleyStilwell clothing line, so when I came across American MoJo, an apparel manufacturer that employs single mothers living in poverty, it was a match made in heaven. Imagine being able empower mothers on all levels of the business!

40% of Single Moms Live Below the Poverty Line

American MoJo is a social venture that addresses the issues facing poverty-level single mothers by creating sustainable employment opportunities in the apparel manufacturing sector. By partnering with MoJo on fleece top production, HadleyStilwell is contributing towards providing these mothers with liveable salaries, a chance at a career path, and freedom from the prohibitive daycare and health care costs that keep so many mothers from re-entering the work force and being able to support themselves and the families that need them.

Imagine facing all the usual stresses of motherhood while also worrying about keeping a roof over your head, providing stability for your children, and having the right role models around. MoJo is doing amazing work providing a pathway out of poverty for these moms and their children. The knowledge that each fleece top represents a mother cutting through her obstacles inspires me and makes this partnership a perfect fit in every way.

The moms at MoJo are inspiring to all mothers.

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