Retweeting About Breastfeeding

In my last blog post, Why Being a Mom is Like Being An Entrepreneur (and Vice Versa) - Reason #1, I explained how entrepreneurs don't have to go it alone.

Be it mom support groups or women business owners helping each other, communities of women can support each other online. Below is a great example of both in one.

I recently retweeted an article for HadleyStilwell customers originally posted by Elisabeth Dale of EFBizGrants (Eileen Fisher Business Grants) then retweeted my tweet. The end result: With just three tweets, we spread the word about an important issue throughout our global women's community and increased its reach exponentially by supporting each other. At the same time we helped each other's businesses. Cheers to that!

twitter is a great way for business women to support each other

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Why Being a Mom is Like Being An Entrepreneur (and Vice Versa) - Reason #1

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