February 7, 2012

Who is the "couple" now?

Valentine's Day is a good time to reflect on the shift in the relationship dynamics that happens when a baby enters the picture. The primary "couple" is now mom and baby in their new breastfeeding relationship.

Partners can feel left out, but did you know that the most important factor in committing to breastfeeding is the support of those around you? So your partner and others are crucial in keeping both your state of mind and physical being strong.

Satin Nursing PJs and Fleece in SageFunny what sounds sexy now...

The ways that your partner can show you love this Valentine's Day may not be traditionally romantic or sexy (i.e. candlelit dinner for two). But for a sleep deprived new mom, anything that makes your life easier, helps you rejuvenate, or makes you feel beautiful while breastfeeding is the new sexy! (Think: "Honey, just relax with the baby while I cook dinner." Now THAT'S a romantic dinner!)

Lactation Consultant Renee Beebe M.Ed., IBCLC wrote an article filled with ideas for how a partner can show love for the breastfeeding mother on Valentine's Day (and everyday). In future posts we'll be talking about those ideas.

And speaking of feeling beautiful (and sexy) while breastfeeding

The HadleyStilwell Satin Nursing Pajamas were born out of the notion that you can luxuriate and feel beautiful while breastfeeding (and beyond). I've just restocked inventory, including the new color Black Pearl. They are a perfect Valentine's Day treat for yourself or for a breastfeeding mom in your life. Browse the jewel box of pajama colors.


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