March 4, 2011

This article by Texas A&M Associate Professor of Anthropology and Nutrition (i.e. primate behaviors on infant and child feeding) Kathryn Dettwyler gave me great solace and validation in my now almost 4-year motherhood adventure, which includes a wonderful breastfeeding experience, co-sleeping...and major sleep challenges. 

It hasn't been easy, in fact there have been downright dark moments of sleep deprivation, but my I've followed my instincts and as my daughter approaches the 4-year mark, she is finally starting to sleep through the night. That's right, I can count the number of nights with 8 hours of sleep in the past 4 years on one hand. 

But as physically hard as it's been, I've kept the big picture in mind (not always successfully) that this is fleeting, and the comfort and soothing I've given in the wee hours of the night somehow feels like an investment in her future well being. Note: No judgment from me for those who chose a different night time route.

Finally, the link that Kathryn Dettwyler illustrates between the cause of SIDS and how co-sleeping is a preventative measure seems so logical, and is indeed what was going through my mind in those early months. Here's the link:

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