January 29, 2012

Which products make life easier for moms? Last week, Nicole Pearl from TheBeautyGirl.com did a fashion and beauty segment on WGN in Chicago focusing on products that make life easier for new moms.

She highlighted the HadleyStilwell Crossover Top and Jet Set Dress as being perfect for breastfeeding moms who need to look professional. Nicole really GETS what HadleyStilwell is all about.

  • Becoming a mom gives you a whole new awareness for anything that makes your life easier and more efficient.
  • Breastfeeding moms have a hard time finding clothes that are both functional and professional looking - that's why I started HadleyStilwell.
  • Machine washable and mix-and-match are key for a two-second pulled together look with low maintenance.
  • Clothes that give you instant pulled together look is a way for professional moms to feel good about themselves.
  • HadleyStilwell clothes easily transition into a post-breastfeeding on-the-go wardrobe. This isn't yet another temporary wardrobe! You are a new person who needs new clothes that meet you multi-faceted needs.
  • Looking good and feeling good is crucial for a new mom. It's not cosmetic, it's a state of wellness that translates into giving to your baby, your family, and the other parts of your life. Your commitment to breastfeeding is directly related to your sense of wellbeing.

Browse the Crossover Top and Jet Set Dress (part of the Jet Set Collection) - top mom picks on WGN Midday Fix. These, and all HadleyStilwell designs, coordinate to give you many choices for two-second, pulled together looks.

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These breastfeeding moms are warm, comfortable, and fashionable...everywhere they go!

HadleyStilwell...wear it in comfort and luxury
The HadleyStilwell Jet Set...deliciously comfortable clothes for breastfeeding moms.
The HadleyStilwell Fleece Nursing Top...warm and comfortable for breastfeeding moms, soft on baby's skin.
The HadleyStilwell Fleece Nursing Tunic...warm, comfortable and stylin' clothes for breastfeeding moms, soft on baby's skin.