April 24, 2011

A week from now I will have somehow gotten myself, my samples and everything else onto an early morning Sunday flight to NY for the 3-day celebration for the Eileen Fisher grant. This is a dream come true, but how does one dress when spending 3 days at the headquarters of a world famous clothing brand? Queue up the ultimate test for HadleyStilwell – can I pull off wearing 100% HadleyStilwell pieces? Other than bathing suits (hmm...) I can mix and match the crossover tops, jackets and new summer dress and skirt, and sleep in the satin nursing pajamas, so I'm up for the challenge (though I confess to being slightly intimidated).

But before putting together outfits, it's time to start the shift from tired, rumpled mom to, um, at least slightly more presentable. That means treating myself to a pedicure, and a bit of waxing. And uh oh, I am reading that there is a rooftop pool. OK Off to beautify (aka de-hair). I bet the neighborhood place I used to frequent pre-motherhood won’t remember me, if that tells you anything. Maybe TMI, but that is the reality of most mom’s lives. But it’s not a bad thing, just something to laugh at. I'll choose dyed fingers from egg dye over manicured fingers any day!

And then tonight will be spent cooking up the next private sales promotion for this week, so watch for the coupon code via e-mail, and be sure to sign up if you haven't yet.



Signature Tunic and Skirt SetP.S. Thursday April 28th Update:

Yep, this Signature Tunic and Skirt Set is definitely going in the bag

And psst...I launched a Private Sale this morning on it via newsletter. 

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