February 14, 2012 

Valentine Ode to Hot Mama

Black PJs from BackIn The Sex Drive Solution for Women, Dr. Jennifer Landa takes a refreshing look at new moms and how childbirth and breastfeeding impact libido: 

As new moms, we have just consummated our partner’s ability to carry on his genes. Now that’s sexy! The skinny jeans, can wait!

And larger hips, larger behind (ahem) and larger breasts bear testament to the empowered, gorgeous women that we are.

It’s All About You

Try doing something sexy for yourself – new lingerie, a new shirt that accentuates your curves, a new hairstyle, pedicure…

Take care of yourself - exercise, strive for sufficient sleep, slow down and enjoy the moment.

The point - it's all about YOU proactively feeling and looking sexy and feeling good about YOU.  

I get it!

This is the reason I created the HadleyStilwell clothing line - if you feel good and look good, your sense of well-being will spill over into all aspects of your life, including intimacy. 

Breastfeeding and intimacy don’t have to be diametrically opposed - you just may need to prioritize feeling good about yourself as the key to getting your sexy back (We’ll address the biological component of this topic in a subsequent post.)

To put the cherry on the top, (although I much prefer the visual of a truffle), in the process of designing clothes for busy breastfeeding moms who need to look pulled together and professional despite no sleep or time to think about outfits and self-care, I realized that what happens at home is equally important for a mother’s wellbeing. 

Trudging around in sweats doesn’t make anyone feel empowered, but try breastfeeding and relaxing in satin nursing pajamas…and see how beautiful you feel.

Find your way back to sexy. 

Seek out that which helps you feel attractive to yourself, and acknowledge to yourself that you are a flowing and beautiful female.

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