May 1, 2011

Short note before bed to say that the Eileen Fisher women I met tonight at our first dinner were as amazing as I knew they would be. One woman's job is to confirm that the textiles they use originate from socially responsible manufactureres, down to the farms where the sheep, for example, are raised for wool. 

An industry conversation then ensued about bamboo fabric, and how it is a tradeoff between using a renewable resource (bamboo), but the refining process is still very toxic. Sometimes the obvious answer isn't so obvious - maybe it's a better choice to go with the rayon polyester for now, but do so from a manufacturer who provides health benefits and education for emploHadleyStilwell visits Eileen Fisher - part 1yees. The point is, Eileen Fisher investigates these decisions thoroughly and makes an educated decision. 

That conversation resonated with the need to provide information on breastfeeding and going back to work as a breastfeeding mother. We talked about the importance of providing information and taking the opportunity to educate consumers in any product category. Yep, Eileen Fisher is a role model!

By the way, the first HadleyStilwell outfit to come out was the Fuchsia Sleeveless Crossover Shirt with the new Black summer weight skirt (yet to be named) that will be part of a coordinating set. Black leggings underneath and flats. Very comfy for walking around New York and "styley" enough to blend into the hip Meatpacking District. Please excuse the crazy pose - that's the best I could do with the iPhone... 

Until tomorrow,