Crossover Top in Fleece - Co-sleeping and breastfeedingBreastfeeding during winter means lots of cozy snuggling, but it also means you will likely need to breastfeed in the cold, and that can be challenging. Talk about not wanting any skin exposure! That challenge is what originally drove me to add fleece to the HadleyStilwell collection – a design that continues to evolve to meet the many needs of moms on the go.

When I was a breastfeeding and working new mother, I would nurse my daughter in bed to catch a little extra sleep. With a baby next to me, I was vigilant about ensuring the blankets were well away from us for safety. I would pull aside my top to breastfeed, but then couldn’t sleep well. My daughter was fine in her PJs, but my side, belly, and breast were exposed to the chilly air.

HadleyStilwell Nursing Tunic - FleeceThat experience stuck with me when I designed the luxurious HadleyStilwell Satin Nursing Pajamas with the coordinating Fleece Lounging & Co-Sleeping Top. The stretch fleece is the perfect co-sleeping shirt for easy breastfeeding while keeping your top half warm all night.

After introducing the Fleece Co-Sleeping Top, I immediately started hearing from moms who were using it as a layer to discretely nurse outdoors – a use I hadn’t anticipated, but so logical! And when I looked around, it became abundantly clear that moms who need to sit on a park bench after a walk to nurse their babies during the cooler months (or even indoors in the colder climates) required breastfeeding-friendly outerwear.

So I took the customer feedback about the Fleece Co-Sleeping Top and designed the Fleece Cowl Neck Tunic. The Cowl Neck fleece is thicker so it can be an elegant outerwear piece. The long cowl neck drapes like a capelet, which also provides a cover while nursing. The fashionable tunic length offers flattering, versatile coverage and works with a skirt, jeans, or leggings.

Earlier this year, as part of a grant award, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to get feedback on the Fleece Cowl Neck Tunic from Eileen Fisher designers. They liked the lines and blending the warmth and comfort of fleece with fashionable silhouettes. The 2011 Cowl Neck Tunic is now in stock.

The 2011 Fleece Co-Sleeping Tops are on their way. This year’s colors are sage, charcoal, and royal blue, and all are gridded patterns from Polartec. There is an amazing, inspirational story behind this production, which I can’t wait to share in the next newsletter. Sign up at so you don’t miss it!