July 14, 2011

I met Seattle KIRO Traffic Anchor (and mom extraordinaire) Jenni Hogan a year ago when she was returning to work after having her first baby. She was planning to pump, and given the requirement of looking pulled together on the air (regardless of being sleep deprived!), she test drove my designs and generously tweeted and facebooked about them to her viewers. 

In just a year's time, she has become a vocal advocate for breastfeeding and has spearheaded numerous initiatives around empowering women (and continued previous efforts). 

Jenni interviewed me on her new blog MissionHotMama upon returning from the Eileen Fisher NY trip where I received a grant for women business owners who are making change in their communities. It was a great way to sum up the takeaways from my Eileen Fisher experience, which are relevant for all of us women...

Here is the interview: http://www.missionhotmama.com/2011/07/seattle-mom-wins-trip-of-a-lifetime-meets-fashion-designer-eileen-fisher/#more-1905

This is a photo from my Eileen Fisher Trip. Eileen Fisher is in the middle. I'm far-left.