"Lactivism and the homelessness problem" on PhD in Parenting

Have you read this PHD in Parenting blog post yet?  It eloquently speaks to the issue that mothers living in poverty are much less likely to be breastfeeding, and thus spending much more money on formula than mothers who are living on a reasonable income.

% of Mothers Breastfeeding, by Poverty Status

Low-income mothers face a large variety of hurdles and HadleyStilwell is committed to helping eliminate those hurdles. We strive to empower all mothers, knowing that feeling good about yourself directly impacts being able to give to your family in every way.

Gifts That Give Back

To that end, we are proud to be partnering with American Mojo for this year's production of the Fleece Lounging & Co-Sleeping Top. American MoJo is a social venture that addresses the issues facing poverty-level single mothers by creating sustainable employment opportunities in the apparel manufacturing sector. By partnering with MoJo on fleece top production, HadleyStilwell is contributing towards providing these mothers with liveable salaries, a chance at a career path, and freedom from the prohibitive daycare costs that keep so many mothers from re-entering the work force and being able to support themselves and the families that need them.

This holiday season, a Fleece Lounging & Co-Sleeping Top is a gift that truly gives back to other families. By purchasing elegant, well-made clothing for your own breastfeeding needs, you impact the life of a fellow mother,which is the true meaning of the holiday spirit.

More on the American MoJo story to come...